About Me

 Hi my name is Robyn  I have been an artist my whole life. My mother is a painter, and everyone in my family has some kind of artistic talent, so not only did I have support, but I also always had access to alot of art supplies, so I guess it’s not a big surprise that I took up art as a full-time pursuit. I paint, draw, illustrate, tattoo, and more. My work is often colourful, and I like to walk the line between realism and impressionism. I am always looking for new and interesting angles and trying to find the beauty in everything. I love fantasy, which tend to come out in my artwork. Bodies, animals, portraits, and anything with natural lines tend to be my main subject matter. As for style, to put it simply, I don’t have one, I have many. I am a young artist and I have many years ahead of me to find a style, for now I like to play around with all different styles, mediums and colour palettes. I don’t like rules or structure very much, so my portfolio is anything but cohesive. But if you look closely you will notice patterns, themes, similarities across my work. I like contrast, colour, balance, and most of all, I love art. I live an breathe art, it is my reason for pretty much everything I do. I hope you enjoy it.

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